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    Andersen Wondows

    A better replacement solution

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    Silver Line windows

    Enhances value of your living space

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    Eagle windows

    Providing inspiration for over 30 years!

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    Therma Tru Doors

    Looks good on the outside, feels good on the inside


A&D Building Materials is a full-service Andersen Window reseller and wholesaler with more than 50 years of experience in the business. Our showroom has one of the largest displays of Andersen Windows in all of Ohio. Our trained staff has won awards in both Product Knowledge and Achievements and is fully prepared to help in every aspect of your planning. Visit our services homepage or you can browse our online product catalogue.

Tips to achieving improved window performance:

  • Design – Consider your home’s design and climate in relation to the energy performance of windows.
  • Selection – Find windows that meet your energy performance requirements.
  • Installation – Ensure proper installation of windows to maximize their energy efficiency.

5 things you need to order Andersen® window and door parts.

  1. Age

    The age of your Andersen® Windows and Doors can be determined by the glass date. On each Andersen® Window or Door is a AW logo located in one of the corners of the glass. ….Read More.

  2. Type

    There are several different types of windows and door. Window types can be casement, awning, double hung, gliders, and roof windows. ….Read More.

  3. Glass Size

    Glass size, along with the age and type of window or door, allows us to determine the model number of your window and door. ….Read More.

  4. Handling

    The handing lets us know if your windows and doors are left hand or right hand. ….Read More.

  5. Color

    There are currently 4 colors and the old style primed finish. The primed finish required painting by the homeowner. ….Read More.

Call our Offices directly 614-885-9678 and we will assist you with determining the correct part for your application. No Automated-Attendants to deal with! If we are not available when you call leave a message and we will return your call promptly.