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Axiom French Casement Windows

Eagle Axiom® french casements provide expansive views and added ventilation. Redesigned to provide improved energy efficiency and comply with U.S. ENERGY STAR® Version 5.0 requirements in the Northern Zone (0.30 U-Factor or lower). Eagle Axiom® french casement windows  features Fibrex® material thermal barrier, limiting the amount of heat transfer from the aluminum exterior to the interior of the window.  Plus, the frame weather strip is repositioned onto the Fibrex® material for improved surface contact with the sash, allowing for a tighter seal. Simple, beautiful and extremely functional, Eagle Axiom® french casement windows feature stainless steel hardware at no additional charge. Plus, they open to 90° for great ventilation and easy cleaning.


  • complimentary stainless steel hardware
  • single-lever, dual-locking mechanism with minimal exposed hardware
  • high performance ratings
  • 20/10 Transferable Limited Warranty