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Window Identification

How to Identify Andersen Windows.

Order your Andersen window and door parts in 5 easy steps.

  1. Age:

    The age of your Andersen® Windows and Doors can be determined by the glass date. On each Andersen® Window or Door is a AW logo located in one of the corners of the glass. Around the AW logo will be a series of numbers, letters, or a combination of the two, this is your glass date or the age of your window.

  2. Type:

    There are several different types of windows and door. Window types can be casement, awning, double hung, gliders, and roof windows. Door types can be gliding, or swinging. (If you need assistance in determining the type of window and door you have please refer to our Glossary.)

  3. Glass Size:

    Glass size, along with the age and type of window or door, allows us to determine the model number of your window and door. Glass size is obtained by measuring the visual glass size from the inside of your home, width then the height, of your window or door. Measure just the amount of glass you can see.

  4. Handling:

    The handing lets us know if your windows and doors are left hand or right hand.

    • Casement Windows: The handing on a casement window is determined by looking at the window from the exterior, if the hinges are on the right the handing is right.

    • Gliding Windows and Doors: Gliding windows and doors, are viewed from the exterior, if the operating panel is on the right the handing is right.

    • Door Swing: Door Swing, both in-swing and out-swing, use the diagram below to determine the swing of your Andersen® door.

  5. Color:

    There are currently 4 colors and the old style primed finish. The primed finish required painting by the homeowner. The colors for the Perma-Shield vinyl are Terratone®, Sandtone®, Forest Green, and White.