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Windows Glossary

Awning Window

A window hinged at the top, opening from the bottom swinging out.

Casement Window

A window hinged on either side, opens to the outside like a door.

Check Rail

The area in which the bottom rail of the top Sash and the top rail of the bottom sash meet when the window is in the closed position.

Combination Storm/Screen

A frame with two pieces of glass and a half screen installed on the exterior of a double hung window, enabling full storm for winter months and half screen during summer months.

Double Hung Window

A window with two vertical sash, in a single frame which slide by each other for either upper of lower ventilation.

Extension Jambs

Flat pieces of wood applied to the inside of the window jamb extending the width of window to a wider wall size. Extension jambs are flush with the inside finished wall allowing casing to be applied.

Glass, Insulated

Two pieces of glass secured together to enclose a captive air space.

Glass High Performance®

A double pane insulated glass with a micro-thin coating of metallic oxides on the outer surface of the inner pane of glass. The coating retards passage of radiant, in addition to conducted or convected heat.

Glass High Performance Low-E4

Like high performance glass with the addition of titaniam oxide on the exterior which works to keep the glass cleaner.  This will help keep glass cleaner and will dry near spot free.


Glass High Performance Smart Sun

Like High Performance Low-E4 but has a slightly darker tint  to help in the cooling season

Glass High Performance® Sun II

Sun II insulated glass is similar in construction to High Performance glass except the outside light is bronze tinted and the micro-thin metallic coating is on the air space surface of the outside light. Sun II filters out more ultra-violet light.


The pieces of glass in the sash of a window.

Glazing Bead

An extruded vinyl molding used to provide a weather seal between the Glazing (glass) and the sash frame.

Glazing, Single

A single piece of glass installed into a window sash.

Glazing, Double

Two pieces of glass installed in a sash to provide an air space.

Glazing, Triple

Three pieces of glass installed in a sash to provide two separate air spaces.

Glazing Compound

A flexible material applied between the window sash and the piece of glass to seal out the environment and fasten the glass to the sash.

Glazing Bead

A piece of wood or plastic material applied to the window sash and glass to seal out the environment and fasten the glass to the sash.

Gliding Patio Door

Two or more tempered door panels, which slide by each other within the same frame. Generally only one panel operates.

Gliding Window

Two or more sash which slide by each other within the same frame.


Decorative or simulated bars which don’t actually divide the lights of glass. Usually made of plastic or wood and fit on the inside of the glass surface for easy removal.


The Left and Right components of Doors and Windows is determined by viewing the Door or Window from the External View (Outside View). Component parts follow the same rule.


Window sash hinged at the bottom and opening inward.

Jamb Liner

Plastic or metal material covering the head and side jamb of double-hung windows. This material is moulded to form stops for inside and outside surfaces and hides the sash balance system.


Head jamb is a horizontal piece across the top and the side jamb is the vertical member of the window frame.


A hook shaped part of a casement and awning windows lock that is mounted on the inside surface of the sash stile. The lock hooks under the keeper to pull the sash into a locked position.


A handle installed on the bottom of the lower sash of a double-hung for ease of raising and lowering the sash.

Lock Rail

One of the two horizontal pieces on a double-hung sash where the upper and lower sash come together.

Low E Glass

A glass which has low emissivity due to a film or metallic coating on the glass to restrict the passage of radiant heat.

High-Performance Low-E4 glass

Cuts energy bills. Reduces sound penetration compared to single pane glass. Translucent film protects glass during construction.

Meeting Rail

One of the two horizontal pieces on a double-hung sash where the upper and lower sash come together.

Meeting Stile

The vertical member between two adjoining sash.


Joints between single windows joined together to make one in a single frame, either horizontal or vertical.

Mullion Casing

A casing member to cover mullions between single windows on the interior or exterior of the unit.


A metal arm and gear mechanism allowing easy opening and closing of windows.

Picture Window

A large non-venting window designed for maximum view without any impediments.


The top and bottom pieces of a door panel or window sash.

Rough Opening

An opening in a wall to accept a window or door unit.


The frame material holding the glass consisting of stiles and rails.

Sash Balance

A system which assists in raising a double-hung sash and keep the sash in the desired position.

Sash Lock

A cam action lock applied to the meeting rails of a sliding or double-hung window.


The bottom horizontal piece of a window frame which generally slants downward to the outside to shed standing water.


The vertical side pieces of a sash or door panel.


A wood trim piece applied to the window frame to prevent the closed sash from swinging through the opening.

Tempered Glass

A piece of glass that has been put through a special heat-treated tempering process, allowing the glass to crumble under severe impact into small pieces to reduce the chance of injury.

Thermal Barrier

A non-conducting material used to separate the inside and outside surface of metal sash and frame or metal door and sill, to stop the conduction of heat to the outside which results in a cold inside surface.


A strip of material, such as metal, plastic or felt designed to seal between a sash and frame, preventing weather leakage.